2015 Project: Woozie 365

2015-01-27 21:35:23 by FireFoxMcCloud


This my ongoing album/project for this year, simply titled Woozie 365. As each day passes I'll be creating a new beat to upload on to my site for the entire year. Gonna be an uphill battle but it'll be worth it by the end of the year.

I'll upload snips and summaries here so people can listen, and to stay active on the site. I'm sure I've lost what presence I've had here already. 


Check the bandcamp out: https://djwoozie.bandcamp.com/album/woozie-365

Follow and listen to soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/djwoozie

Follow me on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/djwoozie

Follow me on Tumblr: http://djwoozie.tumblr.com

It's not required.

2013-08-16 09:33:26 by FireFoxMcCloud

I see that most people on the site still do not know what hip hop composure means and consists of all around.

- There is no need for much complexity in your work. None at all. Though it's great to hear but not recommended.

- Repetitive melody and baseline is the key structure ever since the beginning. It's what offers the most flow in a song. Too much change throws off the the song completely. Refer to beats beats with a northern vibe.

- An occasional change is cool. Verse and chorus should be a noticeable change. Nothing to major. It doesn't HAVE to be. Too much change again throws the song off and makes it something it's not.

Remember this next time reviewers and people who happen to like my music. I'm not and we aren't making classical, OSTs or video game soundtracks. I like variation and creativity as much as the next person person but this is hip hop. It's not required.

Catch it on Soundcloud.

2011-12-23 13:03:10 by FireFoxMcCloud

This where all of my new music will be uploaded to.
There's full versions there and you can actually see it, instead of slut hoes downvoting with no reasonable excuse.

Hyrule the Trap.

2011-06-24 20:59:20 by FireFoxMcCloud

My Zelda project, Hyrule the Trap is well underway, and blowing every remix of it's songs, and every other song in its and every other genre out of the water. Stay clear.

Haven't done a post.

2011-06-10 18:55:08 by FireFoxMcCloud

Cause I figured I'd be just talking to myself. Let's see about this.

Over 32,000 characters. Who needs that many letters and numbers? Are we writing books?

Severe mental block. Can't think of anything to make. But I can do collabs well. Ain't that a bitch.